Monday, January 28, 2013

Weekly Update

Well, sort of. More like a week and half/2 week update. Forgive me for missing a week! I promise I have a good excuse... This excuse being Nate and I were both ill. I was throwing up all Sunday and then he started up Sunday night-Monday. Not awesome.

But during MLK weekend we lived up our 3 day weekend until the sickness came. We convinced my mom and dad to come up to Fairview, Ut to hang out at the cabin with us and go snowmobiling! I still don't know how we did it, but we tricked them into making the 10 hour drive. We sure did have a blast though! We played too many games and snowmobiled all day Saturday. Snowmobiling has got to be one my most favorite things to do in the snow... Okay who am I kidding. The ONLY think I like doing in the snow! But for good reason, because it is quite fun. It was Nate's first time and I think he is now on board too. He loved it!

This is my dad and uncle Tyler. They were nice enough to take us and get us unstuck. We would probably still be stuck without them.

Finally we got better and had to return to school. It is always kind of the worst to go back to school after a lovely weekend in the mountains... but we managed.

This past weekend we went to The Quarry and went rock climbing  This was the 1st of the 12 months of dates I gave Nate for Christmas. 

I ran into my good friend from back in the day, Marissa Stoker. This is us at the top. Obviously.
Also, Nate is a natural.

Aaand this is what it looked like driving home. We couldn't even read the street signs. I definitely am not used to this Utah weather... even after 3 years. Thank goodness we are headed to the querque's!

Monday, January 14, 2013

Snow Date

This weekend was pretty much just cold. I checked the weather constantly because I seriously was in shock. I have always thought Provo was cold and have definitely done my fair share of complaining about it, but seeing the temperatures go in the negatives was really just not okay in my brain. Friday night Nate and I had planned on going to The Pie (aka our most favorite pizza place in all of Utah) and then catching a dollar movie. BUT it was snowing and freezing and we are too big of wimps to brave the icy freeway. Soo we stayed home and cuddled up and watched the 2nd Lord of the Rings. This is my first time watching this series and we made a deal if I watch all off the the LOTR movies then that husband of mine has to watch all of the Harry Potter movies with me. It's not a bad deal though because I have actually enjoyed them so far.

Saturday night we decided that we could venture outside and go eat some delicious pizza. This is us taking a picture. It was too cold to care enough about taking a semi-decent picture. But I'm serious, if you are a Utah dweller go to the nearest Pie location near you and make your taste buds happy.

This morning I woke up and saw that the high today was going to be 4 degree's and wanted to crawl back into bed. Although somehow I made it through the day... shocking :)
Also for your viewing pleasure I will include this video that made me laugh. Although, I shouldn't make fun... I too have been quite dramatic about this winter weather business :)

Friday, January 11, 2013

Here's to the New Year

Alrighty, this is it! I am making a new years resolution. I'm not much for those things mostly because I forget about them after about 2 weeks. But, I had the realization that I haven't blogged/documented my awesome life for almost 2 years! And these past couple years have literally been the best. During this time I dated my now husband, got engaged to that man, and now we have almost been married a year! Sad to think I have missed so many details by not writing them down. So now I have to play catch up, but that I will have to do in my own personal journal. You can thank me later. But, this new years resolution is to blog! I haven't decided how often but I will actually blog, but I am going to. The amount I blog will probably depend on the amount of awesome that is going on in our lives. So I guess that means I will be blogging constantly which would significantly decrease the amount of awesome that is going on... Okay so I'll just try to blog at least once a week. Deal?

But lately we have just been getting into the swing of things with the new semester... It's our last one and then we are outta this freezing place and on to bigger (wammer) and better things. Tonight the snow ruined our date night so we are staying in and watching the second Lord of the Rings (I've never seen them) and cuddling. One of the big perks of having a spouse. We are too big of sissy's to brave the snowy roads and head all the way up to Salt Lake. Hopefully tomorrow the roads will clear up a bit... until then.

Well, what a start! Don't hate me if I flash back to the past and throw in some random fun adventures we have had. It'll be fun, promise.