Tuesday, March 19, 2013

A little pick me up...

These 2 videos are what got me through only the longest 8 hour shift at the labs. Take 2 minutes out of your day and enjoy them with me will you?

I felt like those cows last week when the sun came out and the snow melted.

Spring time is the best time everyone. And it's almost here!


Monday, March 18, 2013

That time we went to Mesa

Soo 2 weeks ago? 3? Not really sure, but we road trip'ed it down to Mesa for the weekend. Normally we don't drive for 20 hours to spend 2 days with family, but in this case we made a special exception. Mike and Alyssa were in Mesa so we figured it would be easier to drive to Mesa than to Williston, ND. And it was.

While we were there we...

1. Missed my little brother's volleyball game... but only because they moved it up an hour and we were an hour away. Bummer.

2. Ate our wedding cake! It was just as delicious as it was a year ago.

3. Hung out with family.
This is Alexa, she knows how to use the camera on my phone as good as I do. She took about 20 pictures and videos during church on Sunday.

4. Lost (shocking, I know) at the funnest Minute to Win it competition with the Anderson's

don't worry, Nate wore his State ring the whole time....

5. Took family pictures with the Anderson's in the middle of the prettiest nowhere.

Well I'd say it was definitely worth the trip! Now it is time to buckle down and knock out these last 5 weeks of school. I really can't believe it.

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Anniversary Weekend

Alrgithy. Ready for an overload of pictures? I'm playing catch up tonight and decided to finally post about our fun trip for our 1 year anniversary. I know, can you believe it? It has flown by, but that post is for another day. Today if for our adventures in Las Vegas and California.


1. Babystacks. This breakfast place was made for me. Serious. You should have seen their pancake menu!! Rocky road, butterfinger, smore's, white-chocolate macadamia nut, and lemon riccotta... just to name a few.
Nate got one of his breakfast favorites: Biscuits and Gravy. I think he liked them? Ps, if anyone looks stellar mid chew in a picture it's this guy :)

I got a half stack of banana cream pancakes and red velvet pancakes. RED VELVET. Why has this never occurred to me before?! Now I can't stop thinking of random things to red velvet-ize...

 2. Exploring the strip. Nate and I both thought the strip was no fun unless you either had a) No morals or b) gambled. Neither of which we were huge fans of. But we did have a lot of fun exploring different casinos and eating yummy food. I still think The Venetian is my favorite. Also a highlight was staying at the Trump hotel. Pretty sure we don't have a picture, but that is now our favorite place. So fancy!

3. Buffalo Bills. We stopped in Primm, NV (hunger games anyone?) and went on the roller coaster there to give us a little teaser for our 6 flags trip the next day. It was fast and definitely a must ride. But only once, I wouldn't pay for it again.

4. SIX FLAGS! The purpose of the trip. I have this fear that once I get pregnant/have babies that I will never be able to ride roller coasters again. I mean, I'm not being ridiculous right? I hear moms say the classic line all the time... "oh yeah, I used to LOVE roller coasters but ever since having children I just can't do it any more..."
Because of this I have been scared of this happening to me as well. So we are getting all the theme parking in that I can before I have kids. Problem solved.
Oh, and we bought my nephew Brigham this Batman cake so that we will be the favorite aunt/uncle. Pretty sure it worked.

5. Burger Continental. I know you wouldn't think this at first, but it was a Mediterranean place. We all got together and definitely made some hilarious memories here. If you are ever in the Pasadena area, go here. The service is awesome and the food wasn't too bad either. Our server gave my nephew 2 kids meals because he said, "Twice as much for such a big boy" Think of that in a Greek accent and it gets funnier. I promise. Also there is no shortage of ranch there... I know you were worried, but don't be.

6. The beach. On Sunday we had a nice walk along the beach... loved the weather and the company wasn't so bad either.
We also got to hang out with Nate's cousins who I had never met before. Well, I have met them now and I love them! Can't wait till the next time we head to Simi Valley and get to stay with them.

7. Archery. Nate's uncle Mike took us out to the archery range. It was tons of fun and Nate now goes by Legolas. Nbd.

8. Mountain Biking. I officially had my first experience mountain biking! It was an easy trail technically... but endurance wise not so much! We went down to the beach and back and it ended up being 23 miles. Holy smokes. The first 11.5 weren't so bad... But that's probably because it was all downhill. Coming back was hard. I may or may not have had to walk the last 2 miles. Uphill is not my forte. But I really enjoyed it. Next time I'll have to go on a shorter ride and wear extra padding... let's just say my behind was sore for a good week after that.

At the end... I was so tired it took 3 tries to get a smile out of me.

9. Anniversary dinner at Capo's. This place was awesome!! It was an Italian steakhouse and had the coolest ambiance. The food wasn't so bad either. I loved my carbonara and the chocolate canolies were fantastic. We had to go through a secret entry way to get in and once we were in it felt like we were transported into some old school Vegas mafia. It had low lighting with chandeliers every where and a live jazz pianist/singer... if you are ever in Las Vegas and want something a little off the strip, go here.

10. The aquarium at Mandalay Bay. Somehow I made it 8 months into marriage without know that this guy has this obsession with fish. So we had to check out the aquarium here and it was definitely cooler than I was expecting! We got to see huge sharks and octopus moving all around. Also we walked through tunnels of fish. There's always a first time for everything right?

Well, congrats. You made it to the end. Basically our 1st anniversary trip was a huge success. I loved it and can't wait for the nest anniversary. The years aren't so bad with this guy by my side!