Sunday, February 24, 2013

Valentines Day

I can officially say I have had to best valentines day of my life. It was also my first one married, but still. It was the best. Maybe it was because I had low expectations or maybe its because my spouse is the best. I like to think it is the latter.

My expectations were low because we were leaving at 3 that day to head to Vegas and spend the evening there on our way to Los Angeles. Nate had a million things to do and so did I. So I figured we would celebrate the day of love that evening with some delicious foods. 

But we started off the morning with delicious foods! I knew Nate was waking up earlier than me because he said he had tons to do (which he did)... Little did I know that seconds after my alarm went off we would walk in with the best crepes I have ever eaten (not kidding (sorry mom)). This guy was scheming and made them the day before because they had to chill in the fridge for at least 2 hours. I even said to him the night before that I was sad we couldn't  have a good breakfast in the morning because we were out of eggs AND milk. That sneaky guy...

These crepes were flawless and delicious  He even made some strawberry cream cheese filling for the inside. I'm filling out an application for him on Food Network right now actually.

Then the day went on as normal. Minus the fact that my tummy was happy all day. That was unexpected and amazing.

That night we arrived in Vegas and had reservations at this delicious sounding Tapas restaurant  And it was delicious and amazing. It deserves a post all in itself.

The ambiance was awesome. There was a Spanish guitarist going around playing for everyone and there were fresh flowers everywhere  that made the place smell amazing. Basically we loved it and will definitely be going back next time we are in Vegas.

We ended the night taking a [short] walk around the strip

Sunday, February 10, 2013

fallen cakes, puppies, and a bridal shower

This week was a pretty normal one. Minus the fact that I had a huge baking failure. Well, not that most weeks include baking successes, but this one was especially sad. 

I had dreamed up this perfect red velvet cake I was going to make for my coworkers birthday. And if anyone deserved an amazing cake, this girl did. So I was on a mission to make an awesome 2 layer red velvet cake from scratch. Everything was going smoothly (minus the red food coloring that I managed to get everywhere) until I put it in the oven. And if fell! I blame it on the fact that I have no patience and our oven light is broken. I opened the oven too early and cold air got in and destroyed my cake. 

You can't tell by the picture, but the cake looked like the meteor creator. Oh I was so mad. So then I had to make cupcakes real quick... which didn't end up being that awesome. Let's just not talk about it.

the failure

This weekend we headed to Tremonton to see Nate's grandparent's. We stayed there Saturday night and just got back. We played some games and ate way too much good food. We also went to church with them at the nursing home. They are the branch president and relief society president over there and it was quite the experience. Church there was just slower than we were used to :)

Best part of church is that I got to play with this cute little puppy during it. The residents at this nursing home love the puppy. It seriously lives the life just running around and getting attention every where it goes. I can't wait till one day I'll have my own puppy... right nate?? ;)

Saturday Stephanie and I threw a little bridal shower for Annika who is getting married on Friday! President's day weekend is the ideal weekend for a wedding... but I'm not biased at all. I wish I could go but Nate and I will be doing our own celebrating for our one year. I know, I can't believe it's been one year already either. It's weirding me out.

Anyway... there's what's been going on. Surprisingly it's been harder to get back into this blogging thing than I thought.

But I am excited, this Thursday Nate and I are headed to Cali for a few days to celebrate that thing called a one year anniversary. We're pretty excited :)