Friday, June 7, 2013

A little bit about Albuquerque

So I guess since we have officially been here for a month I suppose I should let you all know what it's like around these parts.

1. The weather is AWESOME! We still haven't turned on the Air conditioner yet and it's JUNE. You guys. This is revolutionary.

2. They have sideways streetlights. It's weird.

3. They have the goofiest speed limits. Some road are 40 mph, others are 18, 60, or 55. I probably find this odd because I grew up in Mesa where every street is 45 mph, but still. It's tricky.

4. Hot air balloons. So I gave you a sneak peak last post, but you guys! They fly hot air balloons here all the time! I don't know why, but it's kinda my favorite thing to look out the window and see dozens of balloons in the air.

5. The mountain. So there is this mountain to the East (just like in Provo... thank goodness, because it took me 3 years to learn my North, West, East, Souths there) And it is beautiful!! I think they are called the Sandia mountains and I can't wait to explore the heck out of them.

6. The Rio Grande. So we live about 2 miles away from the river and it's the best. It's the best because everything by the river is so green and there are the biggest trees! Don't worry, we already found our future property right by the river with a great view of the mountain. It just needs some grass and some horses
A girl can dream, right?

Anyway, so far so good here in the querq's! We are loving it and having fun exploring. Also, come visit! Albuquerque is the place to be I hear...

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  1. The speed limit signs, finding directions by the mountains after 3 years in Provo and the cows made me laugh. Thanks, Rachel it was fun to laugh today!